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Clay Williams Ultra Runner


Sat. 9/11
Sun. 9/12
6:00 AM
9:00 AM

Haliburton Forest 100 Mile Trail Run

Sun. 1/2 3:30 AM Marathon # 1

Completed 26.7 miles. Almost forgot what it feels like to run that far.

First Marathon of the year, only 50 more to go!

Sun. 1/16 3:30 AM Marathon # 2


Sun. 1/23 3:35 AM Marathon # 3 Brutally cold run. Temperature was -13C when I started and -19C when I finished. I packed three water bottles, four gel shots in two bottles, and four gel hot packs. I used one gel pack before the rest froze, my last water bottle froze before I coul... more
Sun. 1/30 3:09 AM Marathon # 4 Temperature was fairly steady at -10C, with a light NW breeze. There was no fresh snow, so most of the run was on clean asphalt. I mixed my gatorade with warm water, and carried my extra water bottles and gels in a pack under my jacket, so nothing fr... more
Sat. 2/5 4:30 AM Marathon # 5 Temperature was around -7°C, with a light wind from the SW. I got a little overheated in the city before heading out into the wind in the country but it wasn't a big problem. I set up the GPS in my Blackberry so that my wife could track my locat... more
Sat. 2/12 4:42 AM Marathon # 6 During a visit to Thunder Bay, I was able to fit in a marathon-length run from the middle of town to Murillo and back. It was about -20°C, light wind from the northwest, and the run was really fast compared to previous weeks. I ran 16 minutes fa... more
Sun. 2/20 3:25 AM Marathon # 7 Temperature at the start was -9°C, and at the finish was -14°C, and though there was only a light breeze, it changed direction during my run and remained in my face the entire run. I had been pretty active during the previous week with hous... more
Sun. 2/27 3:00 AM Marathon # 8
Sun. 3/6 3:00 AM Marathon # 9
Sun. 3/13 3:00 AM Marathon # 10
Sun. 3/20 3:00 AM Marathon # 11
Sun. 3/27 3:00 AM Marathon # 12
Sun. 4/10 4:00 PM Marathon #13
Sun. 4/17 7:00 AM Marathon #14
Sun. 4/24 3:00 PM Marathon # 15
Sun. 5/1 5:00 PM Marathon # 16
Sun. 5/8 4:00 PM Marathon # 17
Mon. 5/23 4:00 PM Marathon # 18
Sun. 5/29 4:00 PM Marathon # 19
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