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Back to work after Canal Pursuit 2016

Posted by Clay Williams on September 26, 2016 at 9:30 AM

Sep 25, 2 days after. I woke up around 5 am, before the alarm went off, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I took the entire morning to clean my office and finish unpacking the RV. All the while I was feeling a little on edge, constantly checking my phone for social media activity, feeling a little hungry the entire time, a little like there was something missing. I had a few small meals, a cup of soup, some tuna salad, maybe too much coffee. My muscles felt great, no soreness, no stiffness, just the usual lack of range of motion that I always have from not stretching enough. I take a break after every few trips back and forth to the RV, the stairs seem a little higher than usual today and I'm winded easily. I made pasta and sauce for dinner and we settled in to watch a movie while we ate, then I ate chips and cake and seaweed chips, and I had to force myself to stop eating, I was voracious. I headed to bed at my usual 7:30 bedtime, and as I checked social media and played a little solitaire, I had a strong feeling that I was missing something, missing the simplicity of the road, the habits that I had formed over the previous two weeks. Checking my gear, posting media, running, left, right, left, right, beathe, breathe, eat. Long straight stretches of pavement, loose gravel shoulders, stones in my shoes, anticipating seeing the sign for the next lock, conversation about important things, about meaningless things, funny things, sometimes running alone with only my own thoughts and doubts and fears, minor body pains for ten minutes at a time, hot skin as the sun comes up, the smell of sweat and insect repellent and sunscreen, taking pictures of anything unusual / funny / interesting / beautiful, looking forward to the night’s meal, where will I be able to shower, how cold will it be in the RV tonight, Julie-Anne patiently correcting me or completing my sentence as my tired mind draws blanks instead of word pictures, no idle time, always doing, doing something, planning something, preparing for something.

Sept 26, This morning I find myself preparing for work, hectic busy stressful rewarding, maybe a good temporary replacement for long hours of physical demand. Maybe a busy work day is the best way to shake this addiction to the high of the daily challenge to run far. I definitely need activity; sitting on the sofa didn’t feel right at all.

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